The Annan/Annand Name

Annan crestFirst found in Dumfriesshire in southwest Scotland.

In Medieval times, spelling and translation were not nearly so highly developed as today.  They were generally carried out according to the sound and intuition of the bearer.  For that reason spelling variations are extremely common among early Scottish names.  Annand has been spelled Annand, Annand, Annandale, Annardale, Annandaill, Annane, Annanie, Inyaney, Innieney, Inyoney, Inyanee, Aneny and many more.
Source: [ House of Names | Annand Family Crest | Annan Family Crest ]

A Recent Historical Link To Annan

Our Annand relatives are direct decedents of the Scottish family of Annan. The story goes that Dugald Annan(d) was a little upset with his father George Annan, well perhaps a little more than a little. He packed his bags, headed down under and changed his name to Annand.

This snippet has been published here to help our Annand relatives who may come to a dead end when tracing their branch of the family tree or wish to visit relatives in Scotland.